To Employees of Head Start:

It is now AFLAC open enrollment through June 30, 2020. Please review your coverage that you currently have. If you have questions or need help with any claim please let me know.  If you currently do not have Aflac or if you need to make changes Maria Everton, HR Manager, has sent out an Attendance form with the prices of the Aflac products. Also, I have included brochures on the 4 products we offer for your review. I am able to do enrollments over the phone, so you can contact me by phone or email listed below.

All the brochures are listed below this message.

Thank You,

Leo Tisa

An Independent Agent Representing Aflac

P.O. Box 898

Niceville, FL 32588

850.678.2458 office

850.678.2847 fax

850.974.7094 cell  1.800.992.3522

AFLAC Attendance Form

Accident Advantage Option 3

Cancer Protection Option 2

Cricital Care Protection Option 1